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When was the last time someone gave you a genuine compliment? Not just one of those things that people say to fill the awkward silence but an actual, legitimate compliment? Do you recall the way it made your day and made you feel appreciated? It’s a lovely feeling, right?!

People like to be appreciated–and are often even motivated by it. Studies have shown that people who receive compliments on their work are much more likely to improve their performance than those who are not complimented. Beneficiaries of compliments may also show improved social interaction as well as an increased measure of overall happiness.

For those who want to have a positive impact on the world, giving a compliment is a powerful and easy tool! Remember, though, that empty compliments are meaningless, so it’s best for compliments to be genuine.

World Compliment Day is the ideal time to share that feeling of wellbeing with the people in the world around you. There is nothing better than knowing that you make a difference in other people’s lives and that what you do matters. Giving a compliment to someone on this day is an easy way to begin!

History of World Compliment Day

This creative day was originated by Hans Poortvliet, a recognition professional in the Netherlands. In the early 2000s, after he started the initiative in his own country, the success of it made him wonder if making it worldwide instead of just national would eventually turn it into “The Most Positive Day in The World”.

Of course, this is a lofty goal, but Mr. Poortvliet feels that if every person took the time to sincerely offer a compliment to three people in their life, each town, city and country on the globe would be much closer to the goal.

The great news is that this is a day that everyone can take part in fully. On his website (, Mr. Poortvliet urges the compliments and notes of appreciation be in words only, not in gifts. This means that anyone and everyone can afford to take part, because the only thing it costs is a little bit of intention. Unlike commercialized days, this one is completely free and can fit into any budget.

What a wonderful idea! Especially with all the expensive holidays that come this time of year, it is nice to have a day to jump into with both feet.

How to Celebrate World Compliment Day

Giving compliments might seem difficult at first, but it doesn’t have to be! Really, it’s just a matter of observing something good about another person and then communicating it to them. Even though 61% of people say compliments embarrass them, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to hear them.

Expressing admiration and appreciation are relational skills that don’t always come naturally at first–they may need to be learned. But with intention and purpose, compliments can be an important part of relationships with people that can improve the daily lives of everyone. And World Compliment day is a great time to practice!

Consider these different ways to celebrate World Compliment Day with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and even strangers:

Give Verbal Compliments (Obviously!)

The best way to give a compliment is to be sure that what you are saying is sincere and heartfelt. It doesn’t need to be earth shattering, of course. You can just let someone know that they have done a good job at work, or you like their outfit or new hair style. But if you can offer a deeper compliment and tell them what an impact they have made in your life, that’s even more meaningful!

Send a Card or Note

Handwritten notes and letters have gone by the wayside since the invention of the computer. But a handwritten note or card always adds a personal touch! Keeping a stack of blank cards in your desk or bag makes it easy to leave a note for someone, even on the go. It doesn’t have to be very long, just a short little message to say something nice is perfect.

Thank Service People

Another thing to do on World Compliment Day is remember to smile and say thank you when you encounter people who do a daily service for you. Bus drivers, cashiers at the coffee shop or grocery store, taxi drivers or even those you run into in the store or gas station. Tell them what a good job they did, or notice something good about them and see how much it can impact their day. Service can sometimes be a rather thankless job, and a smile with sincere thanks could mean the world to them!

Share the Passion

On the days leading up to World Compliment Day, feel free to offer reminders to friends and family so that they can pass it on as well. The more people who know about it, the more likely the planet is to be a positive and enjoyable place to live.

In today’s fast paced world, taking the time to compliment those around us is an art that should be passed down to our children so that it isn’t lost in between generations. World Compliment Day is an ideal opportunity to teach children the way to be sincere in paying attention to other people. It is also a good time to teach them to appreciate those around them and to not take the people in their lives for granted.

Other Compliment Opportunities

It is important to be creative and ask about other areas of life where a compliment could go a long way. People in education, medical professionals, and public servants are just a few other areas in which compliments might be effective. With a little thought, it is sure to reveal itself who in life could use a boost!

Maybe Mr. Poortvliet is correct in his goal of making World Compliment Day into The Most Positive Day in The World!

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