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With their long, swaying necks, distinctive pattern on their furry coats and those endless spindly legs, giraffes are some very odd-looking creatures when you really think about it. But we love them – and that’s why they’ve got a day of their own!

Whether you’re into conservating their native habitats, enjoy hanging out with our necky friends at the zoo or you just appreciate the joy of nature’s most weird and wonderful creatures, World Giraffe Day is a day of observance when you can really put your neck out!

The History of World Giraffe Day

The conservation and protection of wild animals has long been on our agenda – beautiful creatures such as giraffes are at risk in their natural habitat due to a number of factors, including poaching and destruction of their ecosystems and habitats.

World Giraffe Day was initiated by the CGF – the Giraffe Conservation Foundation – and hopes to bring awareness of the amazing animal’s plight to every concerned person across the world while also celebrating these quirky creatures.

According to the CGF, there are only around 100,000 giraffes left in the wild, meaning they are approaching high-risk status.

In the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, giraffes have recently had their listed status changed to ‘Vulnerable to extinction’ – their numbers in Africa have dropped hugely by around 40% in just the last three decades alone.

Specifically, the Masai giraffe has lost half of its numbers in the last 30 years, and now only around 32000 are remaining in Tanzania and in southern Kenya.

For the most part, these drops in population are due to the increase of human settlements and the loss of habitat that goes along with it.

How to celebrate World Giraffe Day

The GCF website has plenty of information for you if you wish to donate to the effort of saving the world’s giraffe population, and you should certainly take a look if you are fond of the long-necked creatures.

Even small donations count towards helping, and just a little money can go towards helping to ensure the future safety of the Masai giraffe.

Many zoos across your country will be taking part in fundraising and observance of this day – so if you want to get involved, you could pop along and play your part.

Be sure to share information about giraffe conservation on your social networking accounts, and get the conversation started about keeping these beautiful animals a part of our wildlife.