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World Gulab Jamun Day was established with the purpose of showing appreciation for this amazing dessert and celebrating the beautiful and rich flavors that it offers to the world!

History of World Gulab Jamun Day

Originating in the Indian subcontinent, gulab jamun is a sweet dessert that is now popular all throughout India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and many other people with a heritage from South Asia. In many traditions, this delightful food may be served at festivals, holidays and other important celebrations. But this day is all about celebrating this favorite dessert in its own right!

The name gulab jamun means “rose water berry” or “rose berry” and it is made from milk solids that are reduced into a soft dough and then fried. The dough balls are soaked in a rose flavored syrup that is sticky and sugary, then the sweet dish is sometimes given a garnish of nuts, like cashews or almonds before serving. The taste and fragrance of gulab jamun are subtle and enjoyable.

How to Celebrate World Gulab Jamun Day

It’s easy to get those taste buds on board with celebrating World Gulab Jamun Day including some of these ideas:

Eat Gulab Jamun

Obviously, the first order of business on World Gulab Jamun Day is to find a restaurant or bakery that serves this dish and then order some. Whether enjoyed hot or served cold, this sweet dish can be enjoyed dunked in plenty of syrup. Those who want to enjoy gulab jamun at home in honor of this celebration can likely find an option for pre-made frozen or refrigerated desserts that can be cooked and eaten by the whole family – or even the whole neighborhood! Because, of course, gulab jamun is best enjoyed when shared with anyone and everyone.

Try Making Gulab Jamun at Home

Those who are diehard cooks or people who are just looking for a culinary challenge might want to try making this delicacy at home in honor of National Gulab Jamun Day. Many modern day recipes use milk powder to create the dough balls, but it can also be made with khoya, made from dry evaporated milk solids. Other ingredients may include flour, ghee, curd, and baking soda, as well as oil to fry the dough balls in. The sugar syrup is made from sugar, water, rose water and flavored with spicy cardamom pods. Check out some online recipes to find out more!

Get Creative with Gulab Jamun Variations

While gulab jamun is a delicious dessert that can certainly be enjoyed in its own basic style, some chefs and culinary creatives like to get more adventurous in their kitchens. This dessert flavored with rose water syrup has all sorts of ways that it can be nuanced and complemented with different flavors for people of different tastes. Other creative dishes that can be made from gulab jamun may include cheesecake, cupcakes, trifles, custards and so much more!

In celebration of World Gulab Jamun Day, don’t be afraid to try one or all of these different variations on the classic recipe:

  • Gulab Jamun with Saffron White Chocolate Ganache and Mango Jelly
  • Gulab Jamun with Chocolate Ganache and Roasted Sliced Almonds
  • Gulab Jamun Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chopped Pistachios

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