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For those who have ever wondered what it is like being an introvert, or those who know one and want to celebrate them, this is the day! Or perhaps this is the day for people who are introverts themselves and struggle for people to understand them at all. Well, there is a full day dedicated to introversion: it’s World Introvert Day!

In a world where extroversion is the dominant force that plays in the spotlight, (with 60% or more of the population claiming the label of ‘extrovert’) introversion takes place behind the scenes. As a result, being an introvert doesn’t mean that people can’t function in society, it just has to do with how the person is able to recharge their batteries. And so World Introvert Day is a day dedicated to honoring the people who keep the world going around a little differently.

History of World Introvert Day

World Introvert Day is about bringing awareness for the inward-focused world of introverts, making it known that their actions and habits don’t make them anything less than normal. Many studies have shown that introverts, despite their deep need for alone-time, are an important minority that work behind the scenes of an extroverted world to keep it functioning.

So, each year, many introverts take this time after the exciting events of the major holidays to recharge by doing their favorite hobbies. And it is also a time to prepare themselves for the year to come. There are many blog sites that focus their audience on the aspects of introversion, and even celebrate it.

World Introvert Day is a huge highlight in observing the world of introverts–and it’s time to get started with the celebration!

How to Celebrate World Introvert Day

So, how should a person go about celebrating being an introvert? Well, there are a variety of ways, of course, and some of them might even include throwing a party! Try out some of these thoughts for celebrating World Introvert Day:

Enjoy a Day of Resting Up

After several weeks of parties and holiday celebrations, this would be the perfect day for an introvert to spend some time alone. Get comfy at home, curl up on the sofa, and read a book! Do some self-care routines like taking a hot bath or enjoying some spa treatments. Or spend some time hanging out with pets, as animals don’t often require much in the way of conversation.

Give an Introverted Friend a Break

This is a great day for those extraverted people to try to be respectful of introverts. One study performed in the UK showed that 9 out of 10 people in the workplace felt pressure to behave in an extraverted manner. (

So for those who are not an introvert but do know one, take this day as an opportunity to be a better friend, family member or coworker. Release some of that pressure and let the introverts simply be themselves!

Learn About Introverts

A great many misconceptions abound regarding introverts! Here are some interesting things about introverts that would be ideal to consider and share on World Introvert Day:

  • Introverts aren’t shy. Many people think introverts are shy or have social anxiety but that’s simply not true. Instead, it’s all about how they recharge. Extraverts recharge by being with other people, and introverts need more alone time to get their juices flowing again.
  • Introverts can be very confident. Simply because they need to fill up their tanks alone doesn’t mean introverts don’t work with confidence and strength in everyday life. In fact, many famous artists, politicians, scientists and other great thinkers are known to be introverts.
  • Introverts like to socialize, just like everyone else. Some of them enjoy people very much but they get tired after having too much ‘people-time’. Some introverts love diving deep into one-on-one conversations but prefer to avoid big crowds. However, some introverts are excellent public speakers and make great social butterflies, they just need to monitor their internal resources more carefully.
  • Introverts use the parasympathetic side of their nervous system more. This is simply the side of the nervous system that activates rest, subdued relaxation, downtime or contemplation. The other side, the sympathetic side, is the part required for full throttle movement and engagement with others.

Do Some Research on Introverts

For those who are interested in getting to know more about introverts,while being able to recharge on their own, this would be a great day to do some research! Take the time to look up famous introverts online. Follow some good blog websites that talk about introverts. Or grab some books from the library and learn more about the psychology of introversion. Take this time to recharge, even for those who are not introverts themselves. Most people are probably going to need it after the New Year celebrations are over!

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