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Many ideas are floated to combat global warming and help to create a more sustainable planet – and World Jump Day is one of them. The aim of the day was originally a plan to shift the orbit of Earth, to extend daylight hours and to create a more standardized climate throughout the world. Who knew that the idea of jumping could do all that?!

History of World Jump Day

The concept of World Jump Day dates back not quite a couple of decades ago when it was promoted by a German artist, Torsten Lauschmann. He claimed that 600 million people in the Western Hemisphere were going to jump at the same time and that this could have an important impact on the earth’s rotation. The first World Jump Day was slated for July 20, 2006.

On World Jump Day, people around the world are encouraged to synchronize their watches, stop what they are doing, and jump at precisely 11:39:13 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

As it turns out, this proposal was not really a scientific experiment, but was actually a satirical art installation. But either way, it serves its purpose of reminding people about the negative impact and effects of global warming on our home, planet Earth.

The mathematics behind World Jump Day and its effort to change the orbit of the planet are as follows:

Earth weighs 100 trillion trillion pounds, and the average weight of a human is 137 pounds. So if the weight of each human is multiplied by 600 million, it equals 8,220 million pounds. Working out the pound-force of that figure involves a complicated formula, but rest assured that 600 million people jumping simultaneously (if anyone could organize the event) would, in reality, make no difference to Earth’s orbit.

But, hey, it promises to be a fun activity. So get ready to jump!

How to Celebrate World Jump Day

Jumping is a fun activity that is good for the body and the soul. In fact, it can often be funny and lead to laughter, which everyone knows is a happy activity. So get on board with World Jump Day with a variety of activities such as these:

Organize a World Jump Day Event

Promote community oneness and have a load of fun at the same time by participating in or organizing an event in celebration of World Jump Day. If there’s already one going on in the local area, then be sure to attend and get jumping. If not, grab some friends, plan a gathering place and time, and promote it on social media to get as many people as possible gathered and participating. 

Just Jump!

Those who don’t feel like gathering with a bunch of people can still participate in World Jump Day. Celebrate the day by simply setting an alarm for 11:39:13 GMT, grabbing a family member or coworker who might be in the room, and just lifting off the ground in a jump.

But once a person gets to jumping, it might be hard to stop. Try some other fun ways to jump like getting a trampoline, using a jump rope, do some jumping jacks or even go bungee jumping!

Create a World Jump Day Soundtrack

Of course, anything is more fun when there’s a background list of music playing, and World Jump Day is no exception. Get the tunes going for the day by hopping onto an online platform such as Spotify or Apple music and creating a playlist that centers around the theme of the day: jumping!

Whether classic and retro or new and modern, surely there are loads of songs that inspire and encourage jumping in honor of the day, so get started with some of these:

  • Jump (For My Love) by The Pointer Sisters (1983)
  • Jump by Kris Kross (1992)
  • Jump Jive an’ Wail by Louis Prima (1956)
  • Jumpin’ Jumpin’ by Destiny’s Child (1999)

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