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Planet Earth is a beautiful and fascinating place, from the air in the atmosphere to the depths of the sea. From wildlife to trees, from oceans to mountains, the world is a place that has fascinating ecosystems that lie in a delicate balance. 

But as human activity has made a huge impact on the environment, particularly through depleting natural resources and adding pollution, it is necessary for people to offer more care and pay more attention to preserve the planet for future generations.

World Nature Conservation Day is here to raise awareness for the need and promote collaboration between individuals, communities, businesses, local governments and much more!

History of World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day can be traced back to 1998, when it was started with the idea of raising awareness about the impact that humans have on the environment, while encouraging people to make a difference. This day has been celebrated each year since then, with the purpose of getting people to think more carefully and be more attentive to the needs of the earth.

Every human being should be interested in the future of the planet, and World Nature Conservation Day offers a number of different opportunities for folks to learn more and participate in the protection of the earth’s natural resources. From reducing consumption and waste to minimizing the use of pesticides, from leaving a lighter carbon footprint to planting trees for reforestation, there are tons of activities that can be done – each and every day – to celebrate the beauty of the world and protect it for the future.

Make a difference on World Nature Conservation Day and show the earth how vital it is by caring for it in a multitude of ways!

World Nature Conservation Day Timeline


Theodore Roosevelt becomes 26th US President

Known as the Conservation President, Teddy Roosevelt is dedicated to nature and wildlife protection. [1]


National Parks Service is established

US President Woodrow Wilson founds this new federal bureau to take care of the nation’s green spaces, parks and monuments. [2]


World Conservation Union is founded

Also called the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, this is the world’s first global environmental collaboration. [3]


Earth Day is celebrated

For the first time, an estimated 20 million people across the United States observe this day. [4]


United Nations Environment Program is established

This program is created to not only monitor the state of the environment but also to inform policy making and coordinate responses throughout the globe.[5]

How to Celebrate World Nature Conservation Day

Looking for ideas about ways to show appreciation for and celebrate World Nature Conservation Day? Get creative and brainstorm some ideas of your own, or find a start with some of these plans for the day:

Enjoy World Nature Conservation Day Activities

Local communities, businesses and families can all participate in World Nature Conservation Day by attending or organizing activities in celebration of the day. Businesses and groups of office workers can take the day to participate in a tree-planting effort. Schools can use the time to educate children on at-risk or endangered animals. Those who live by coastal areas can spend time cleaning up beaches as a way to take care of the oceans and seas.

In addition, those in large corporations can speak up for their organization to go paperless, use less electricity or more energy efficient light bulbs, or even encourage a hybrid work schedule to reduce fuel usage, smog and traffic. And people who are involved in legislation and government may be interested in lobbying for more green commuting, better bicycle lanes, more green space, clean energy, and so much more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day is a collaborative effort between all of the people of the earth who want to protect and preserve it for years to come. Many people don’t realize that the small efforts they make on a daily basis, when combined with others, can make a huge impact on the future of the planet.

Specifically, the buzzwords Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are no joke! These three words form the basis for the way that consumers consider their purchases as well as the way they take care of waste.

Even before recycling, reusing and reducing are the name of the game when it comes to minimizing the impact of natural resources. This means instead of throwing away a plastic bag after the first use, wash it out and use it over and over again until it can no longer be used – then recycle them. Even better, switch to using bees-wax fabric wrappers for food, which can be used over and over again without the negative impact on the planet.

Also it can be fun to repurpose items, like using old toothbrushes as part of a cleaning tool kit, or adding old slivers of soap together to make a new one. It’s all about getting creative and making simple changes that can change the world.

Reconsider Transportation

Since World Nature Conservation Day takes place in the summer, it might be a perfect time to consider an alternative form of transportation. Instead of driving somewhere alone, ride a bicycle, take the bus or carpool with a friend. Even better, save on fuel and pollution by trading that big SUV in for a tiny, fuel-efficient car that is better for the environment.

Support a Nature Conservancy Project

A great many charities have been started to help with environmental causes and are in need of help. Whether making a financial donation or volunteering time, projects like these often run on a slim budget and are always in need of assistance to promote environmental causes.

Check out some of these non-profit environmental organizations:

  • The Nature Conservancy. Works in 79 different countries and territories through partners and branches.  
  • World Wildlife Fund. Serving and protecting animals since 1961.  
  • Sierra Club. This grassroots organization acts as a champion for nature by fighting for environmental and social justice.  
  • Greenpeace. Dedicated to supporting an ecologically diverse and healthy world that is green and peaceful.  

Buy Second Hand or Gently Used

One of the best ways to eliminate waste and save natural resources is to buy items that have already been gently used. Clothing and shoes for children and adults, toys, furniture, household items and so much more can be passed on instead of ending up in a landfill. Thrift stores or online groups are a great way to save money and save the earth at the same time. Plus, thrift stores make great places to find items that can be repurposed into beautiful garments, interesting artwork or craft projects for kids. It’s a win-win!

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