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I always carry a sketchbook around with me, and I sketch whenever I can… I might be in a financial review and be sketching because I find that I actually listen better when I sketch. Truth be told, there are probably more sketches in my books than there are written notes.

Mark Parker

If you ever got in trouble with your school teacher for “doodling” in class, then be assured to know that there’s a holiday that rather takes pride in the fact of visual learning. World Sketchnote Day celebrates the uniqueness in sketchnoting and provides insight into what visual learners can accomplish with their notes. Read more to learn about the holiday’s history and see how you can celebrate it here at Days of The Year.

History of World Sketchnote Day

World Sketchnote Day began in 2016 by creators Mike Rohde and Mauro Toselli. These two people alongside a small group of designers and producers created the company, called Sketchnote Army, to help showcase sketchnotes and their artists from around the world. The holiday itself showcases talented artists each through social media competitions, where people who love to sketch and combine that with notes or reminder can get featured on their website. From there, interviews, podcasts, and blog posts are made to broadcast these artists, learn about their history, and see why they sketch the way they do.

Sketchnoting is a form of visual note-taking that allows people to remember their ideas better and become a lot more creative with their notes. One of the reasons why sketchnoting is important is because, for some people, it helps them remember better what facts or ideas to know or think about later. Sketchnoting isn’t just visual. It incorporates a wide arrangement of words and pictures to create memory techniques. On this holiday, people show off their notes and talk about their methods so that way people can learn from them and appreciate their work.

How to celebrate World Sketchnote Day

If you want to celebrate this holiday, start by using social media as the grounds for sharing your work. Submit your notes to the Sketchnote Army and see if they like your work. You can also post your notes on social media using the hashtag #worldsketchnoteday and explain to people why you use the visual sketches in your notes to remember ideas. With this holiday, you’ll be able to connect with people who feel the same way about their notes and possibly find new ideas to talk about when it comes to your art.

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