I love finding out about new days and going out and researching as much as I can about them and how they came to be but this is one of the few days that instantly captured my heart. Though Ada herself is kick ass what the day represents is amazing – Women in Science and Technology. I love seeing the celebration get bigger and bigger every year and getting more and more in the public eye. I have to say it my favorite Day being a woman in the tech world and SEO industry is amazing to see what we bring to the game.

Born in 1815, Ada Lovelace collaborated with inventor Charles Babbage on his general purpose computing machine, the Analytical Engine. In 1843, Lovelace published what we would now call a computer program to generate Bernoulli Numbers. Whilst Babbage had written fragments of programs before, Lovelace’s was the most complete, most elaborate and the first published.

More importantly, Lovelace was the first person to foresee the creative potential of the Engine. She explained how it could do so much more than merely calculate numbers, and could potentially create music and art, given the right programming and inputs. Her vision of computing’s possibilities was unmatched by any of her peers and went unrecognised for a century. Read our biography of Lovelace to find out more!

She was revolutionary in her day and was pivotal in the creation of one of the most advanced pieces of technology of the day. Most people still think that the tech world is a boys club but it all started with women and this amazing lady was one of it pioneers! 

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