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She was raised in Portland, Maine by an accountant and a history teacher. She couldn’t have been further away from Hollywood if she tried but maybe that’s why she’s so down to earth and relatable. Of course, it’s Anna Kendrick. 

Sweet, beautiful, and absolutely hilarious. She has a strong presence on social media and many followers who love to hear her light-hearted stories. So, what are some things that aren’t well known about Anna Kendrick?

She’s Written A Book

Anna Kendrick is best known for acting but she’s also turned her creative hand to writing too. ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’ is a funny pieced together book where Anna gets candid about life and mistakes. The aim of the book is to show people they aren’t alone when they get things wrong.

She Never Thought ‘Pitch Perfect’ Would Get a Sequel

It’s common knowledge, there are now more than two ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies. However, Anna never thought a ‘Pitch Perfect’ sequel would be picked up. According to an interview she did on the Today Show, Anna confessed that she thought a sequel would be impossible.

The star admitted to thinking that if other movies that had made more money had been refused a sequel, there was no way ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ could ever be made. Fortunately for her fans, she was wrong.

She Had Three Movies Released in Six Months

Anyone thinking they’d seen a lot of Anna Kendrick in 2015 would be right. The movies ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, ‘Into The Woods’, and ‘The Last Five Years’ were all released within six months of one another. What’s even more surprising is the fact that screen musicals are rarely made in Hollywood, especially this closely together.

Kendrick was one busy girl during this time, filming and attending promotional events for each movie.

Zac Efron Threw Up On Her

When thinking about Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick together, no one could imagine a total disaster. However, while filming for ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ the cast members were told to eat fake pig guts. Anna managed to avoid responding to the request but Zac wasn’t quite as clever.

As soon as he ingested the fake pig guts, he started to feel unwell. He ended up puking all over Anna’s shoes and yet, somehow, cemented their friendship forever.

She Gets Nervous During Interviews

Anna has no qualms about admitting that she gets nervous and awkward during interviews. She accepts that it’s part of her job and she’s always professional but she has admitted to needing liquid courage on occasion.

She often tweets about her life and experiences which is why so many people find her lovable. On one occasion, she admitted to getting a bit too loose during a Marie Curie interview.

She Has a Hot Dog Named After Her

Anna once told her followers all about a hot dog that’s named after her in a Chicago hot dog place called Hot Doug’s. The hot dog is meant to be flaming hot and Kendrick told her fans that her mouth was still burning.

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