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And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world it is best to hold hands and stick together.

Robert Fulghum

Take a day to pay special attention to the need for and power of touch by celebrating and enjoying Hold Hands Day. It’s super simple. Just grab the hand of someone you love and get started!

History of Hold Hands Day

Holding hands is an experience in Western cultures that signifies affection and care, and it may or may not signify something romantic. It is likely that the concept of holding hands dates back to the beginning of time when mothers needed to keep their children close and safe, and holding their hands was a simple way to do so.

In some cultures, hand holding is especially prevalent in the early stages of a romantic relationship to show interest in a potential partner, and often in long-term relationships as a show of reassurance or reminder of affection.

Touch is one of the first senses that is developed in a human baby, bringing about important brain development and helping newborns to thrive. But the need for physical touch isn’t limited to babies and children. Sometimes, the power of a friend grabbing a hand to hold it in a difficult situation can bring about a courage and strength that could not be found otherwise.

So while every day is a good day to be impacted by positive touch from a friend or family member, Hold Hands Day acts as a delightful reminder about the ways that hands can be used to communicate power, support and care.

Other interesting days that might be fun to celebrate along the theme of hands include Join Hands Day in early May, National Handshake Day at the end of June and Global Handwashing Day that takes place in the middle of October.   

How to Celebrate Hold Hands Day

Get excited about the power of touch that can be revealed through human contact and have some fun celebrating Hold Hands Day! Some of these ideas and plans might be fun to get started with:

Hold Someone’s Hand

Maybe it seems obvious but holding someone’s hand is likely the best way to celebrate this day. Of course, it’s important to get permission first! While it might be interesting to just walk up to people on the street and hold their hand, it also could be unwelcome or even trauma-inducing. Hold Hands Day is probably best practiced with those folks who have already given permission for hand-holding and healthy touch, like family members and close friends.

Learn Some Health Benefits of Holding Hands 

Not only is holding hands a delightful practice, it’s also good for people! In addition to hugging and other forms of positive physical contact, holding hands can offer the healing power of touch that humans crave. In celebration of Hold Hands Day, check out some of these health benefits that have been identified through the power of touch:

  • Lower blood pressure

    High blood pressure can be an indicator of various types of disease and an unhealthy heart, but touch and hand holding can help to reduce the heart rate and lower the blood pressure.

  • Reduced stress

    The excessive release of stress hormones is bad for the body, but touch such as holding hands or hugging can help to reduce the effects of stress and minimize the release of cortisol and other hormones.

  • Boost the immune system

    Studies have shown that people who receive touch on a regular basis are likely to be better equipped to fight off disease and illness.

  • Minimize pain

    While it has been difficult for scientists to study, there is no doubt that healthy and welcomed touch can act as a pain reliever, particularly when the touch comes from a romantic partner or spouse.

Become a Volunteer

Many different community efforts and organizations welcome volunteers to help them out. Often, folks can visit nursing homes, senior care centers, or hospice centers where they can read books to elderly people or simply sit and hold their hands and listen as they talk. And while it is certainly a gift that is given to the people who receive the care, the person who volunteers is also likely to reap significant benefits from the experience.

One special charitable organization even goes by the name Holding Hands Foundation! Providing care and support to patients with cancer and their families, this volunteer led group has locations both in Florida and in India.

Listen to Music About Holding Hands

One delightful way to enjoy and appreciate the celebration of Hold Hands Day might be to accompany it with a bit of music that goes along with the theme. Whether this means creating a playlist as a personal reminder for oneself or to pass a playlist on to a friend or partner whose hand you want to hold, this is just the right day to do it!

As it turns out, holding hands has been the theme for a number of different songs that might make their way onto a playlist through Apple Music, Spotify or some other online music platform, including these:

  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles (1964)
  • Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga (2022)
  • A Song About Holding Hands by Gregor (2018)
  • Holding Hands by Steve Green (2002)

Sign Up to Take Dance Lessons

For those who don’t have a significant other or child around to hold hands with on the regular, perhaps this day would be well spent finding creative ways to hold hands. Signing up for salsa, square dance, swing dance or ballroom dancing lessons might be a great way to be able to hold someone’s hand without it being weird. Plus, it’s a great way to learn a new skill, get some exercise and even meet some new friends along the way!

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