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Few actors can look down, look up, and then smile cheekily at the camera quite in the same way Richard Gere does. A true Hollywood legend for iconic roles, Gere is one of the longest-serving actors in the business today. For decades, Richard has entertained like no other could in starring roles as one of the industry’s best-loved leading men alongside Hollywood actresses.

Sound Body and Mind

A man of many talents, Richard was born August 31, 1949, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and excelled at school. At his New York high school, Gere was known for playing musical instruments and even getting involved in physical activities such as gymnastics. But in parallel with his physical and creative talents, he also chose to study philosophy at college. Although he did not graduate from college, Gere maintained an ample interest in religion, theology, and politics, in which he is still active today.

Grease Stage Work

Although he had many roles in numerous theaters in the early 70s, Richard’s first major role was as the iconic Danny Zuko in the legendary play Grease during its original run in London when he was 23. Gere was much praised for the beloved role, and from there, a star was born. Moving on, Gere landed roles in other major Broadway shows such as Bent, where he played a gay survivor of the horrors of the WW2 holocaust.

Richard’s Most Iconic Movies

Naturally, Richard went into movies following great success and acclaim for his stage roles. One of his first movie roles was in Terence Malick’s Days of Heaven before he was selected for the breakout movie roles that made him a global superstar. Some of his biggest roles include:

  • American Gigolo with Laren Hutton (1980)
  • An Officer and a Gentleman alongside Debra Winger (1982)
  • Pretty Woman with Hollywood legend Julia Roberts (1990)

The 1980s were good to Richard, and his roles in some of the most critically acclaimed movies from the decade are now cemented in Hollywood history, with some claiming his best work were in movies like Primal Fear, The Mothman Prophecies, and Chicago.

Expanded TV Work

Not fine with only acting in movies, Gere hit the big time on TV as well, playing himself in an episode of hit show Martha Knows Best, while also cementing himself as a true legend by lending his voice to none other than TV’s longest running show, The Simpsons. Other notable works for TV include credits for Kojak, Strike Force and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. 

Always the Family Man

Gere is well-known for dating some of the hottest Hollywood names, including Cindy Crawford. Today, he is married to Alejandra Silva, and even in his older age has still managed to have a baby with a wife over 30 years his junior. Speaking about one of his sons in a 2008 interview, Gere said, “He fills me with joy. You have to make time for a child, but it’s enormously satisfying. That’s love, too.

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