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Born in Queens, New York City under the name Susan Abigail Tomalin on October 4th, 1946, Susan Sarandon has become one of our generation’s most beloved and talented actresses. The eldest of nine children, Susan’s acting beginnings go back to her high school years, when she performed in several plays and even attracted the newspapers attention for it. Sarandon went on to study at the Catholic university of America, from which she graduated in 1966 with a Bachelor of Arts in drama. Susan had taken on her then-husband’s surname, Sarandon, and kept it as her stage name even after they divorced. Her first film appearance was in the drama movie Joe (1970), followed by Lady Liberty (1971) and Lovin’ Molly (1974.)

Susan also made her TV debut in an episode of A World Apart (1971) and later appeared in a series of television films (F. Scott Fitzgerald and ‘The Last of the Belles’, Fire Moon, The Rimers of Eldritch) during the mid-seventies. In 1975, she was cast in the now cult classic movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and also played the lead in The Great Waldopepper. Susan’s career was on the rise and she proved her worth when she was nominated for her first Academy Award for the 1980’s romantic crime film Atlantic City. Other popular movie appearances at the time were in The Hunger (1983) and comedy The witches of Eastwick (1987.) However, it wasn’t until she had a role in the romantic sports comedy Bull Durham, in 1988, that her name became widely recognized. The film was a commercial success and Susan’s performance was highly praised.

The 1990’s was a very prolific and successful decade for Sarandon. She starred in classic female buddy comedy Thelma & Louise (1991), which got her another Academy Award nomination. The following years, Susan would receive three more nominations: one for Lorenzo’s Oil (1992) and another for The Client (1994), but she would finally win for Dead Man Walking (1995). Other notable film appearances were Stepmom (1994) —for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe— Little Women (1994), Anywhere but there (1999) and Cradle Will rock (1999).

Susan has returned to television on multiple occasions to guest star on shows such as The Simpsons, Friends, E.R., 30 Rock, Mike & Molly, Malcolm in the Middle and many more. She has also lent her voice to both TV and movie roles, such as James and the Giant Peach (1996) Cats & Dogs (2001) and Rick and Morty (2017, 2020.) Among Sarandon’s acting credits are the films Alfie (2004), Romance & Cigarettes (2005), Elizabethtown (2005), Enchanted (2007), Speed Racer (2008), The Lovely Bones (2009) and Cloud Atlas (2012.) In 2017, Susan appeared in Feud, the first season of FX’s anthology series and played Bette Davis. She also had a role in 2017’s A Bad Mom’s Christmas. As of 2022, Susan Sarandon currently stars in the musical drama series Monarch and is set to appear in the DC Comics superhero film, Blue Beetle, in 2023.

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