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Elegant, enchanting, melancholic. These are just some of the words that describe Vera Farmiga. A boundless talent, she is a joy to watch, whether on the stage, in movies, or in TV shows.

Attached to the Roots

Born on August 6, 1973, Vera grew up in Irving, New Jersey. Despite coming from a Ukranian family, she impressed teachers and classmates alike with her quick grasp of the English language, which she didn’t begin learning until the age of 6, and her natural talent for dancing. Perhaps best known for acting, Vera’s other talents also include classical piano. She has a sister, Taissa, who is also an actress, famous for roles in TV shows like American Horror Story.

Shakespeare and Broadway

In her early life as an aspiring actress, Vera Farmiga landed roles in much-loved stage plays such as Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Good, and Taking Sides, which she co-starred in with Ed Harris. Taking Sides was ultimately her breakout role as it was featured on Broadway, which led to TV roles in Roar, Law & Order, and Rose Hill. With these TV productions, Vera got to work with actors such as Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger while establishing herself as a lead.

Making a Name for Herself

The 2000s were a special time for Vera, as she rose to prominence. She won two best actress awards for her role in Down to the Bone, and began to become a commercially established name with blockbuster and award-winning films, such as Iron Jawed Angels. Vera starred alongside Anjelica Houston and Hilary Swank, and then landed a role with Denzel Washington in The Manchurian Candidate. She also won an award for her role as Elas Hoess in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. 

Throughout the decades, Vera continued to work steadily, elevating any role and, indeed, production she was in. Yet her role in 2009’s horror movie Orphan opened the gates for Vera to cement herself as a Hollywood icon in one of the best-received franchises of the past 20 years.

Busting Some Ghosts

No stranger to horror, Vera was mesmerizing as the single mother of Norman Bates in the critically acclaimed TV show, Bates Motel, an updated sequel to Hitchcock’s classic horror movie from the 60s. In 2013, the name Vera Farmiga would become one of the best-known in the world with her appearance in The Conjuring. The movie tells the supposedly true story of a family terrorized by spirits. Farmiga took a recurring lead role as renowned psychic and ghost hunter Lorraine Warren for multiple installments in the franchise.

Fame and Recognition

Vera has become a prominent figure in modern TV and movie culture because of the boundless spirit she brings to each and every role. As a result, she has won numerous awards, not least two Emmys, for her dazzling and powerful performance in Bates Motel. One of her most notable awards was for recognition in the tragic tale of a miscarriage of justice in When They See Us. Today, Vera continues to spellbind all with her unique acting style and imposing image.

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