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Vince McMahon has become one of the most recognizable faces in professional wrestling and sports entertainment. Often credited with popularizing professional wrestling as a cultural phenomenon, becoming a self-professed ‘King of Sports Entertainment,’ over time Vince has gone from being just another businessman to one of the most beloved figures in all sports entertainment.

Vince McMahon: His Beginning

Vince McMahon was born Vincent Kennedy McMahon on August 24, 1945 in Pinehurst, North Carolina to Vincent J. McMahon and Victoria McMahon. As a child he attended Fishburne Military School before enrolling at East Carolina University to study business administration. Vince began his professional wrestling career working for his father’s World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) as an announcer/referee before taking over its management in 1982 after his father passed away, rebranding it as World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Vince McMahon: Converting The WWF Into An Empire

McMahon dominated professional wrestling in 1984 by purchasing most of his competitors and creating a monopoly. He took WWF national, signing lucrative television and advertising deals that ensured its long-term success, which included creating the phenomenon known as Hulk Hogan (‘Hulkamania’), to propel its popularity among fans and make stars out of wrestlers such as Randy Savage (‘Macho Man’), Andre The Giant and others. McMahon revolutionized professional wrestling by adding Steel Cage matches and Tag Teams to its repertoire – a change which revolutionized the sport as we know it today!

Vince McMahon : X-Factor

Vince was an expert at self-promotion. He understood the significance of branding his product, which he leveraged to its maximum. He created memorable characters and storylines that ran across numerous pay-per-view events each year, drawing fans in droves to experience first hand WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment. Being a businessman at heart, McMahon saw what sells and draws in larger crowds, introducing music performances, celebrity guest appearances and other sizzling entertainment elements into professional wrestling matches. 

Vince McMahon: WWE Branding

As the climate changes in the wrestling world, something had to be done to show the global appeal and reach this industry has. In 2002 the rebranding happened, changing WWF (World Wrestling Federation to the now more popular known WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Using his unique ability to throw athletes and entertainers together cohesively, McMahon was the key factor in developing the success of the WWE and sports-entertainment genre. Bringing in the storylines and characters within the WWE program together with the rating systems, it all factored together why the WWE became and still remains one of the premier entertainment companies in the world.

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