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Will Smith is an iconic living legend. From humble beginnings to his dynamic and illustrious career, Will has experienced an unprecedented meteoric rise that most can only dream about. Through perseverance and hard work he was able to take every available opportunity with open arms – even from a young age. Will’s unique style and innate charisma captured audiences worldwide from day one.

Early Years

Will was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 25th, 1968. From early on in his childhood years, Will showed an eagerness to become a rapper. When his grandmother came across his notebook filled with rap lyrics, she was not impressed with his use of profanities and even left him a note saying as much. This influenced Will to keep his rap lyrics clean. He never had any desire to attend a college, even when he was admitted to a pre-engineering program from MIT, which he declined.

Will First Made His Mark

In 1987, Will made his musical debut under the stage name Fresh Prince with the release of “Rock The House”, an instant chart-topper which quickly gained him notoriety among hip-hop communities and got him signed to Jive Records in 1986. Two years later, together with former DJ partner DJ Jazzy Jeff, they released “He’s The DJ I’m The Rapper”, an instantaneous success resulting in multiple Top Ten singles and earning them both Grammy awards.

Will’s Professional Acting Debut

Will made his professional acting debut in 1990 with the hit sitcom, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. This international sensation saw Will rocket to even greater fame, airing for six successful seasons. However, just like Seinfeld, the sitcom was canceled—though not officially—but instead ended by Smith when he decided to stop at the end of season six. From there his film career quickly took off, appearing in several notable movies like “Independence Day”, “Men in Black” and “I Am Legend”.

Global Stardom and Influence

With both prime-time television appearances and big screen films under his belt, Smith propelled straight to global stardom. Displaying a superhero-like quality, he used the power of his fame for good and drew attention to global issues like health care, poverty and education, which earned him respect and admiration.

His legacy is decorated with numerous awards and the great films he starred in. Fans around the world see Will Smith as an inspiration, thanks to his music and film projects. He has and still continues to leave an indelible impression that will last for eternity. From humble beginnings in West Philadelphia, he rose to become one of the most recognizable celebrities of all times, leaving a lasting mark, even being named by Forbes as one of the most bankable stars worldwide.

Will Smith has portrayed some of Hollywood’s most beloved characters, performed memorable songs, and made shockwaves around the world with his humanitarian work. His legacy is a combination of his hard work, unwavering efforts and commitment that still makes our planet better for future generations.

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