By Sam Alderson on 22nd October, 2018

I love fall! What girl doesn't. Sweater weather is upon us and the nights are getting darker, it is a great time of year! One thing that has been on every woman's mind since the 1st...

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I love food!

By Sam Alderson on 13th October, 2018

The main principle which World Food Day celebrates is the furtherance of food security all over the world, especially in times of crisis. The launch of the Food and Agriculture Organisation by the UN has...

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Why Ada Lovelace Day matters

By Sam Alderson on 5th October, 2018

I love finding out about new days and going out and researching as much as I can about them and how they came to be but this is one of the few days that instantly...

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Get your craft on!

By Sam Alderson on 3rd October, 2018

Crafters around the world love this day, me included! I love a good crafty session and card making not only is a great hobby but you can also then give those cards that you have...

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Double Delight! – Double Cheeseburger Day

By Sam Alderson on 12th September, 2018

There is nothing like a burger! Well, maybe a double burger is better! But wait, throw some cheese on that bad boy and you've got yourself an epic burger! Just when a burger isn't meaty...

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Log on and chill out for Video Games Day

By Sam Alderson on 10th September, 2018

It may come as no surprise that I am a gamer. I love games. And Video Games Day is the perfect excuse for me to sit at my PC and play all day! But, I...

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