Happy Easter, Days of the Year fans! I hope you’ve had a day filled with family, rest, TV and chocolate eggs. 

However, being the self-serving blog writer I am, I’d like to focus on another event that has featured prominently in my local calendar for the day: The Hugh Rice Jewellers Hull Marathon.

Organised by Toro CSC Events, Hull’s first marathon saw around 1,500 people take to the streets (as well as the Humber Bridge) in a shared display of determination, stamina, pride and charity, with the majority of runners undergoing the 26-mile challenge in aid of numerous worthy causes.

Over the past few months I’ve worked on a few aspects of the marathon (from a marketing and PR point of view, not a training one), and part of this was the launch of NHS Hull’s Time to Change Hull campaign, which aims to reduce stigma surrounding mental health problems. The above photo was taken on my mobile, but you should be able to make out in the background three people in yellow morphsuits (one almost entirely obscured), and one in blue. These are our ‘Bubbleheads’, spreading the campaign message visually as well as textually via the speech bubble boards jutting proudly from their hard hats. Two of these boards can’t be seen in this photo, but together they read:

1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems in our lifetimes.

You look like a sociable person, how many people do you know?

Phone call, text message, online, meeting for a drink – there are so many ways to communicate.

It’s amazing how a simple chat can make someone feel better.

These guys and some equally as passionate event workers in branded T-shirts travelled across the city centre with me today, from the marathon’s start line, all the way to the coveted finish line… which were actually the same line. But we did travel a fair few miles, visiting a variety of places and meeting many surprised-looking spectators, finally ending our 5-hour shift at 11:30am (having met at the eskimosoup office at 6:30am with astonishingly few wrinkles around our eyes).

So to recap: promoting a valuable public health campaign; cheering on the participants of an inaugural community event; photographing some of the most beautiful areas of Hull, from Holy Trinity Church and The Deep, to a panoramic view of the entire city from the penthouse suite of engineering company Spencer; and finally arriving home to enjoy a lazy afternoon reading whilst listening to the April showers outside – I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Easter. Oh wait, yes I can – seeing Batman and Robin run the marathon too.

Hang on a sec, let me have another look at that photo…


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