Today is Camera Day, and would you believe that I don’t own one? An actual camera, I mean; one that isn’t also able to receive calls, check the weather and send pointless tweets. Still, I do very much enjoy taking snaps wherever I go, as my Instagram account will verify.

I joined Instagram in May 2012 and for months I was a three-a-day kinda guy. These days you’re lucky to get more than one a week out of me, but I like to think that the things I share are interesting, or at least give an interesting insight into something commonplace. So I decided to go through my Instagram archive and pull out a few favourites, and the more I looked, the more I realised that all of my best ones were taken right here in my hometown of Hull, the UK City of Culture for 2017.

Below are thirty-or-so that really made me smile, each bringing back memories and making me realise just how diverse and fascinating this city can be. From the derelict British Extracting Co. building awaiting demolition, to the shelves of Hull University Library, the Humber Bridge, live street art, Hull’s own Jurassic Park car and Bee Lady, the colourful upholstery of East Yorkshire Motor Services, and the closest I could get to an aerial view (taken from the roof of Holy Trinity Church), I hope you enjoy this selection as much as I do.

Happy Camera Day.

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