We all know that traditional scene, don’t we? Man goes work, spends his day toiling to provide home and comforts for his family, gets home and his wife has dinner on the table, smiling and looking delightful in her dress with her makeup done. Are you laughing yet? So are we. This is a fantasy that hasn’t been a reality since our grandparents were children at their grandparent’s knee. These days there is only one element of that picture that tends to remain true, and that’s the wife making dinner. There’s a holiday that seeks to change all that, and it’s called “Men Make Dinner Day”. Pretty self-explanatory don’t ya think?

Cook? I can’t Cook! What do I know about cooking?
Let’s be frank, a lot of guys just haven’t spent that much time in the kitchen, which may be perceived as a natural consequence of mom always doing all the cooking! Where they do spend a lot of time (traditionally) is toiling over the barbecue in the back yard, or cooking over campfires. Yeah, laugh with me if that isn’t part of your experience either. Sure, it happens, but most of us just buy food at the local fast food joint when we can’t get the meal we want at home.

Time for all that to change though! There’s a lot of great male cooks out there these days, just take a look at Food Network. Anthony Bourdain, Emeril Lagasse, Alton Brown, most of the big names in cooking these days are male, so it’s quite obvious that men could cook. Don’t think cooking is a manly sport? We dare you to tell that to Gordon Ramsey, he’s like to have a few (NSFW) words to say to you about the matter!

Fine, Fine… Men can cook, but what can I cook?
Ahhhh, now there’s the question, isn’t it? What can you cook? Well, that largely depends on your background and experience, but there’s something simple that everyone can make, and it doesn’t take long and it’s hard to mess up. Some people call it Tater Tot Casserole, but we like to call it what it is… The Gut Bomb. A meal so rich and hearty that it’ll hit your stomach like heavy artillery, and leave you knocked out in a happy food coma just a bit after.

Alright boys! Roll up your sleeves and bust out your frying pans. It’s time to make gut bomb!

Gut Bomb: The Recipe

1 large onion, chopped
1 head of garlic, sliced
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 lbs Hamburger (Thawed)
4 lbs Tater Tots
1 lb Mozarella Cheese
1 lb Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Oil (Olive or Canola)

So first things first, put the tater tots in a preheated oven to brown. While they’re cooking (set an alarm on your phone!) take out that onion (A large onion is about the size of your fist) and chop it up, you’re going to want to peel it first until you have only onion and not the papery skin. Then cut it in half and cut each half into four pieces, and then cut THOSE pieces into four pieces, and you’re done. Then take the Garlic and peel it, and slice the bit underneath into thinnish slice (Think about as thick as your fingernail, a little thicker won’t hurt), do this with the entire head of garlic, one bulb at a time. (Hint -> The individual pieces are bulbs, the whole collection of bulbs is the head).

Got that? Good, now, put some oil (whichever you have) in a frying pan, just enough to lightly coat the bottom, and throw in that onion and garlic and move it around once in a while with a wooden or metal spatula until the onion is kind of transparent. It should already be smelling amazing.

Now take the 2 lbs of Hamburger and throw it into the pan, and start chopping it up with the spatula until it’s all cooked down and crumbled. You’re going to want to stir it until it browns. This means it’s lightly brown around the edges and mostly grey the rest of the places. Throw in some salt and pepper (2 teaspoons salt and 2 teaspoons pepper, use a measuring spoon) and stir it around a bit. Now take the hamburger mixture off the heat, you may want to drain it, but we like a greasy gut bomb ourselves.

By now the tater tots should nearly be done, so take them out and put down a layer in a casserole dish, then a layer of cooked hamburger, than a layer of shredded mozzarella and cheddar, and then a layer of tater tots, and hamburger, and cheese, and keep doing this until the dish is full and top it off with another layer of cheese!

Throw this mixture in the oven at about 350F for approximately 10 minutes, take it out, and serve! It’s delicious, and filling, and everyone should be happy.

So What’s Next?
Well, if you like the way that turned out, there’s a million variations you can do to it to suit your tastes. Something as simple as adding taco seasoning and serving it with sour cream and salsa can make an interesting mix. Some people like to add green beans and a can of cream of mushroom soup to the mix, though we personally think that’s heresy. Do whatever you like, try mixing it up with your other favorites, and see what comes out!


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