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Ok, so it can really suck to be single on a day dedicated to all those who have partners in their lives. Days like Boyfriends Day can leave those without a partner feeling like the most pathetic and unwanted thing in the entire world.

Holidays like this don’t always have to be about beating yourself and being reminded that your Facebook status seems to be eternally ‘single’, instead it can be a celebration of your friends of the male persuasion, and an affirmation of your position as a confirmed bachelor (or bachelorette).

So What’s Boyfriends Day All About?

It depends on who you ask, really. Boyfriends Day (or Boyfriend’s, or Boyfriends’, depending on the particular meaning you’re ascribing to it) is a great opportunity to recognize any number of people in your life.

Your buddies at work who see you through a tough day, who you can rely on to get the job done and carry their load while you get your part of the project done? These boyfriends are the people you can count on, the mates who will wash down the dust from the day with a drink at the local pub, and then get together on the weekends and cheer on your mutually favorite team.

Or maybe you’ve got that perfect guy in your life, the gym partner, the one who does the dishes and has dinner waiting for you, all while being capable of keeping your home in working order by being a handy-man.

The perfect boyfriend is truly a thing to treasure, and even harder to come by, though perhaps the issue is that adding some flex into your definition of perfect is what’s necessary to make it all work. Whatever the case, Boyfriends’ Day is a great chance to remind the great male influences in your life just how thankful you are having them in your life.

So how would I go about that?

Simple, really. There isn’t precisely a Hallmark’s Card for Boyfriends’ Day, but there are plenty of places online to make a custom one. Alternately, take them out for a drink, buy them a season pass to the game, or just spend some time working together on a project they’ve been needing to get done forever.

Alternately, if your boyfriend is more of (or also) of the romantic persuasion, then it may very well be a great time to combine all of the above with some truly touch-down quality lovin’.