Blueberry Pancake day celebrates one of my favorite memories from youth. Care to guess what that may be? If you guessed the sweet and cake like smell of blueberry pancakes sizzling on the griddle, you’re absolutely correct. This smell has always been associated with my favorite breakfast treats, from blueberry pancakes to blueberry muffins. So it’s little wonder that such a delicious and fantastic breakfast treat became such a hit that it deserved a holiday to celebrate it.

History of Pancakes
The history of blueberry pancakes is pretty straight-forward, so let’s start talking about the history of pancakes in general, and how they led to this delicious combination. Like many great things, the origin of the pancake lay in Greece (not grease, though that’s handy for cooking!), and were referred to as early as 5th Century BC. Originally they were a combination of wheat based flours, olive oil, honey, and curdled milk (curdled MILK? Uhm… I’ll stick with my butter), and even from the beginning were considered a breakfast food. Since then the pancake has spread around the world, with variations found on every continent and culture.

History of Blueberries
Blueberries in various forms are well known throughout the world, being able to be found in some variety just about anywhere you happen to go. Their rich blue color gives them their name, and their flavor is absolutely divine. Such are their popularity that blueberry pancakes can be found throughout the Western regions of its spread.
One of the issues with cultivating blueberries is they are quite particular about the acidity of the soil, and a need for frequent fertilization. Balance that with the unfortunate fact that they tend to fertilizer burn, and they’re a persnickety beast indeed.

Celebrating Blueberry Pancake Day
It goes without saying that preparing blueberry pancakes on blueberry pancake day is the singular most effective way of celebrating! You can even mass produce them and bring them into work or to share with friends and family, warm or cold they are a delightful treat, and they store well in the freezer!

If you really feel like going all out, you can boil down blueberry’s in a bit of water with sugar and a touch of cinnamon until they become a blueberry sauce. Then take some cream cheese and fill and roll up a blueberry pancake. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and top with the blueberry glaze, and you’ve produced one of the most delicious things to ever grace a plate!


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