We’re all guilty of it… Procrastination, the blissful ignoring of the ticking clock as the day of the doomed cause looming across the horizon. Christmas is coming right around the corner, and we haven’t even begun to start thinking about what we’re going to be buying, let alone started our shopping. I know, you’re right there with me, and Shopping Reminder Day helps save me from myself, will it help you?

Christmas Time Is Coming!
Every year on that fateful day, I start feverishly jotting down my present ideas for friends and family. Having let it wait this long I knew that I had less than a month to finish deciding on gifts and buy them for everyone. But not on the day after Thanksgiving, never that. Only the mad and desperate let themselves be caught in department store on that mad press.

So what do I do?
First off, don’t panic! You don’t need to fight the crowds or deal with the long lines at the door hours before the stores open. Instead, start compiling a list of all the people you want to shop for, and basic ideas for what to get them. Once you have it compiled, go to your old friend the computer, and start looking for places to buy your Christmas spoils online.

With all the deals involving free shipping and the discounts offered to attract customers, online shopping is the new craze that saves you time and hassle. EBay sellers start shucking out their best deals on collectibles and needful things, and companies like Amazon really offer you a chance to get the best items at the best price.
Then there’s Overstock.com, a website that has amazing prices and products all year round, but at Christmastime they really go all out, emptying their warehouses of last year’s stock to make room for the new.

So don’t get yourself trapped up in having to go out and shop with the crowds, Shopping Reminder Day can be the first day of your reprieve from mad holiday shopping. Get on out there and make it happen!


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