The marketing company that I work for, eskimosoup, is running an NHS smoking cessation campaign with a twist. Commit to Quit encourages fans of regional sports clubs to support their team by making a pledge to quit smoking, which is then logged online in a live league table.

The participating teams are Hull City, Hull KR, Hull FC, Scunthorpe United and North Ferriby United, all of which have welcomed our eye-catching campaign ambassador, Cyril the Cig.

Cyril’s a big grumpy cigarette who always manages to break onto pitches, only to be booed by matchgoers and knocked over or pinned to the ground by burly players and vibrant team mascots. But then what does he expect? Not only does he parade around just before a match is about to start, but he has a cocky face that you just want to smack! (Although you do of course have to remember that there’s a perfectly pleasant member of our events team inside, and even the sloppiest judge won’t let you off when a stadium of 20,000 people witnessed such blatant brutality.)

So I’ve very much been supporting No Smoking Day for the last week or so, writing press releases and whatnot. But today is a dual celebration, as it’s also Pi Day. So please let me be the first to say:

3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 and so on, ad infinitum.

Oh, and a couple of friends (males, naturally) have pointed out that today marks yet another occasion, which is the male-orientated version of Valentine’s Day. Does anyone know what it is? I’d tell you but this blog has remained family-friendly so far and I wouldn’t want to harm its glowing track record. Feel free to leave your answer in the comment feed below. People who answer correctly will receive equal measures of my respect and disgust.


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