Did you know that elephants, humans and Neanderthals are the only animals known to have death rituals? Whilst human numbers are growing so rapidly that many worry there won’t be any room left by the end of the century, our Neanderthal ancestors are now little more than fossils and dust. Elephants, on the other hand, are somewhere in-between, with populations steadily declining in spite of the beast’s mighty frame and powerful defences.

Needless to say, the situation is primarily (if not entirely) due to humans, with exact causes ranging from ivory poaching and trafficking to loss of habitat through urban expansion. In an attempt to raise awareness and counter this sorry state of affairs, Save The Elephant Day on Wednesday 16th April encourages us to not only show our love of heffalumps, but to do anything within our power to save them.

Founded by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, based in Thailand, and Canadian filmmaker Patricia Sims, this international initiative has been around since 2012 and was launched alongside the release of the documentary film Return to the Forest, narrated by Captain Kirk.

So, what can you do to help the ellyflumpses? Well, you could support one of these charities:

Alternatively, you could brush up on your elephant facts and share with friends to help them realise just how awesome-saucesome the massive pachyderms really are. Or perhaps you just want to have a bit of fun, mess about with glue, make an elephant mask, then hide in a bush with a vacuum cleaner and suck peanuts from the hands of passers-by.

Whatever you do, do it to this tune.


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