We apologise for the inconvenience, but today’s blog post is unavailable.

The day’s occasion had been researched, celebrated and recorded with the author’s characteristic brevity, soul and wit, but unfortunately there has been a security breach. Blog entries are always officially uploaded by Richard Sutherland, but in this instance someone by the name of Professor Balthazar Q. McNulty attempted to log in to the system three times using Mr. Sutherland’s password, resulting in a complete blog lockdown.

It really is a shame as today’s post was the most entertaining yet, charting the escapades, obstacles and triumphs that Get A Different Name Day presented. But alas, McNulty, whoever he is, and his flagrant disregard for privacy and protocol have resulted in a gap in an otherwise top-class online literary journal.

Damn you, Professor Balthazar Q. McNulty, damn you and your sudden, surprisingly apt arrival!

Normal service will resume tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


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