Usually I post these blog entries around 7pm YMT (Yorkshire Mean Time) but I’ve got a very full day lined up, plus this is the perfect theme to write about early as it’s over and done with by 10am. I am of course talking about Ice Cream For Breakfast Day. Mmmm, beats muesli hands down!

I went for one scoop of butterscotch, one mint choc chip and one raspberry ripple, all in the same bowl, with a side plate of rum and raisin (alcohol at 9:30am, I think I might have a problem). Pretending that this was a perfectly normal breakfast, something that people enjoy every day, I melted a couple of scoops of coffee-flavoured ice cream in a mug and stirred it with a chocolate flake. Hundreds and thousands were sprinkled onto my meal as if they were sugar and I even ate wafers the way I would toast. Sometimes I like a little ketchup on my bacon and eggs, so I rummaged in the cupboard for sweet strawberry sauce and treated myself to a generous dollop when I found it.

The outcome: it was lovely having ice cream for breakfast, although today is Saturday and I don’t think it would have the same exciting feel to it on a work day. I’m definitely full but not to the extent that I feel queasy, despite scoffing a pretty sizeable amount of cold dessert before the postman had even done his rounds. However, I do think that come lunchtime I won’t know what to eat – it’s as if the day’s backwards (again), but then I like the idea of having runny egg and soldiers before bed.

I’ve just realised who I feel like – Tom Hanks in Big. That’s the finest result I could ever wish for.


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