This is a proper word geek week! Yesterday we had Fun Facts About Names Day and today we have Namesake Day, plus last Sunday there was Grammar Day and this Thursday there’s Proof Reading Day. It’s a good job I enjoy words so much, but then I guess I am the blog writer after all. Oh, and then it’s all topped off with Barbie Day on Friday, how lovely. Perhaps I’ll write a poem about her?

Anyway, Namesake Day. My name is Richard Sutherland. I don’t know any other Richard Sutherlands but I was certain that there must be others. Then one night my mate made a drunken bet with me that I couldn’t meet fifty-four Richard Sutherlands: one for every card in a deck, including the jo— Oh, wait a sec…

No, my apologies, that’s the scenario behind Are You Dave Gorman? I keep doing this – last week I thought I was the son of a lion king, one day to inherit everything the light touches, and now this.

Right, well there are two other Richard Sutherlands that I’d like to reference. The first is Richard Kerens Sutherland (1893 – 1966), a Lieutenant General in the US Army who did many, many things that can all be read about on his Wikipedia page. However, the Richard Sutherland that I’d love to trade places with for a day (and not just because he’s still alive) is the one who loves to go “Uh-huh-huh!” That’s right, he’s a professional Elvis Presley tribute act who can be booked for all manner of special occasions. I have to admit I’d never heard of him, but everyone Googles their name from time to time right? And when I do, it comes up with an important American military figure of recent history, a successful British impersonator of The King of Rock and Roll, and a writer who spends his time Googling his own name.

I’m sure you’ve all got excellent namesakes too, but you have to admit that mine are pretty cool. It almost makes me want to sign up and do my bit for someone else’s country, all while singing Return to Sender and Don’t Be Cruel. Or maybe I’ll just play with plastic soldiers whilst chomping on a massive burger, whichever combination is the most doable.


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