Crafters around the world love this day, me included! I love a good crafty session and card making not only is a great hobby but you can also then give those cards that you have made to your friends and family. It’s a nice alternative to the shop bought card that never quite convey your feelings. I wanted today to share some of the cards I have made and some of my favorite tools for making cards! Let’s go!


Here are just a couple of the cards that I have made over the years. I have tried lots of different styles of card making but I now prefer a much simpler style. 


There are a LOT of tools out there but here are a few of my faves to get you going. 

  • Stamps & inks
  • card
  • sticky stuff


With the rise of social media and Pinterest, a lot of people don’t really visit craft blogs. But these three are where I go for any inspiration that I might need.


Amazon may be the go-to for everything that you might ever want to own but that can’t replace the more specialised shops for crafts and hobbies. These are just a few of the shops that I love for craft bits.

What’s your card style like? Are you going to be hitting the sheshed and crafting up a card storm!? Share some of your creations with us on Twitter or our Facebook page. 

Happy crafting! 

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