Being Parents’ Day, this one’s for Ian and Susan.

When my dad was a young man, he sold his bike – his only mode of transportation to get to and from work – in order to buy The White Album.

When my mam was a young girl, she’d pop to the nearby abattoir during school lunchtimes to watch the livestock being slaughtered.

Combine this type of behaviour and much more, and you have an idea why their youngest son once rotated soap in one hand because the other wasn’t dirty, whilst the eldest (this one) used to dance like an Egyptian for home videos, wearing a T-shirt decorated with Fluffits (a line of pens with ink that “fluffed up”, which disappeared from the shelves so suddenly that even Google seems to have forgotten all about it).

So thanks, Mam and Dad, for being loons. And as my Mam would say, “it’s in your jeans”.


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