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I enjoy a good yolk

16th Apr, 2012 | Posted by in Blog

Typical that Eggs Benedict Day should arrive just when eggs prices have significantly risen in the UK. Apparently we have to stop using battery hens because it’s cruel, but surely plugging the poor things into the mains electric socket is crueler. *snare drum*

Anyway, Eggs Benedict Day proved delicious, albeit sloppy. I’m not very good at making food to the optimum consistency (no photo I’m afraid, totally forgot), but what I lack in density I make up for with taste. For you see, my Eggs Benedict had a sprinkle of Chip Spice and a thin smear of Marmite (two of my favourite flavourings), making it the most tangy, B-Vitamin enriched, orange-brown version in the world!

Eggs Benedict: How do you eat yours?

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