Sadly I wasn’t able to truly celebrate Kite Flying Day, as despite a bitter, icy winter having swept across the land, there’s not so much as a light breeze. Not one gust, bluster or even gentle zephyr to carry the scent of frozen rubbish around the town; most disappointing.

Still, this occasion did prompt me to reminisce over a book event I held at Waterstone’s Hull, back when I worked as their Events Coordinator. A local author called Garry Burnett was promoting his children’s title Mrs Ockleton’s Rainbow Kite, and he even sang some songs to go with it. But the best part of the occasion (in my opinion only) was the decorative kite I created, exactly the same as the one on the book’s cover and composed of coloured card, string and sticky tape. It was only as I pressed down the final strip of tape that I realised once I turned the kite around, hiding the shoddy, badly overlapping segments’ edges, the design would be reversed too!

So for weeks that store had a display case filled with that book, and above it was the mirror image of its eponymous object. And you know what? Not one person noticed, not even the author until I pointed it out. I guess I just get too bogged down in the details and need to free my mind for a while every now and then. Perhaps I should go fly a kite?


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