Right, Disc Jockey Day went a bit wrong at the last minute. Basically, I was going to prerecord a piece about this very blog over the phone for Viking FM’s Saturday show, but instead I’ll be popping into the studio next Monday lunchtime (ahh, the life of a not-quite-as-successful-as-zed-list-but-getting-there celebrity). As a result, today’s post, which was going to focus on my conversation with the DJ and all of the amusing yarns that we would have shared, doesn’t really have any content.

But don’t fret! As luck and uncanny timing would have it, my mam emailed me a couple of sound files just the other day, one of which is a short segment from Viking FM, back on Tuesday 14th February 1995 at 8:46am. The reason for this is because I won their Birthday Bonanza when I turned thirteen (I am now very nearly thirty years old). In this clip, the DJ, Simon, reads out the message that my loving mother had sent in, part of it being “I’ve always kidded him when he becomes a teenager I’m going to throw him out”. It’s pretty touching stuff.

So this is my offering for Disc Jockey Day. Those of you who live in the area that the radio station covers may well remember Simon’s breakfast show; those of you who are from further afield, especially outside the UK, will hopefully enjoy the novelty of hearing an East Yorkshire broadcast from the mid nineties. (Oh, and the advert that fades out at the very end is for Lexington Avenue, later referred to as LAs, the city’s tackiest nightclub which is now a dusty plot of empty land. That’s history right there, that is!)


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