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Just add milk

7th Mar, 2012 | Posted by in Blog
Just add milk

For breakfast I had Weetabix; my lunch included a Marmite cereal bar; for my evening meal I enjoyed grilled chicken, but it had a crispy coating made of crushed Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (quite appropriate when you consider the brand’s packaging); and I plan to have a little Alpen before bedtime.

Despite celebrating Cereal Day successfully with great ease, I have to say that Steph from work (see above) is the Queen of the Grain. Just look at her enjoying those… er… Damn, I forgot to ask her what was in the bowl. But just look at that spoon lifting action – what a pro!

Thank God for cereal. Without it, what else would bachelors eat over the kitchen sink whilst wearing nothing but their boxers?

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