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Ever had an idea but haven’t been able to get it to a solid plan of attack? Well Swap Ideas Day may be for you! This day is for the people that are wanting to share and grow there ideas. In this technological age it has never been easier to swap ideas with those like minded individuals! There are thousands of communities out there to share and swap your thoughts with, and if you are ever stuck you can rely on their points of view. Everyone solves problems differently and with access to thousands of lateral and vertical thinkers you can soon solve any problem.

Swap Ideas Day also encourages you to think from a different point of view. This means taking on a more creative role of a lateral thinker or a more logical and linear approach like a vertical thinker. Each have their advantages and often work incredibly well together, but can also drive each other round the bend. Each have their own way to solve problems and each have an interesting way to get to the end result. I particularly find this quite interesting because I am a lateral thinker and often get to a answer in a not so conventional way. This, by the way drives my other half round the bend (who is a vertical thinker) because I will make intuitive leaps that he doesn’t see, I love this particularly with movies or TV series that we are watching. For example if we are watching a movie, I will guess something and it will normally turn out to be right and it drives him nuts; which lead me to think about the difference between both the lateral thinker and vertical thinker.

The definition of a lateral thinker is “the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.”

  • Indirect and creative
  • Reasoning is not always apparent at first
  • Ability to be able to think quickly and sidestep the conventional rules
  • Able to look at problems and make unlikely connections

Does this sound like you? This is very much me and when I was reading about this I was quite surprise that I had never really thought about the way that I think about problems.

The definition of a vertical thinker is “the solving of problems using conventional logical processes.”

  • Very linear, selective pathways
  • Each step is very though out and must be correct
  • Takes a logical approach to problems
  • It focuses on the known and correct method

Maybe this is you instead? Do you prefer a more sequential approach to your works and life?

Which ever thinker you are each have there advantages and as a team can create a huge amount of ideas!

Did You Know? That the use of the word swap originated in the 13th century? Then swap was used to refer to the sound of hitting. In the 16th century, the word came about to mean exchange, because people used to hit their hands together to indicate that they had come to an agreement.

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