Today is SCUD Day, which stands for Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama (look at that, I even made sure to use the American spelling of ‘savour’).

I may have taken this a bit literally though, as I’ve spent most of the day reading actual comics. Specifically, I’ve been reading Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead series, which is about… well… the walking dead, AKA zombies. It’s full of guns, explosions, love, loss, pain, shouting and dying… and undying, so perhaps it wasn’t the best choice for a day when I’m meant to “unplug the drama”.

Still, I certainly did savour them, every last gore-splattered page. Plus I’m even closer to perfecting my zombie outbreak contingency plan, which is something that every male aged 10-49 knows is the only true life insurance you can get in this mad, pre-apocalyptic world.


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