Dear visitor,

Today is Get Out of the Doghouse Day, so I’m taking the opportunity to apologise to you personally.

Though I never made an actual promise, the idea was to write this blog every day; not have a couple of days off and post retrospectively, but to post each day’s entry moments after it had happened. That’s proved more difficult than anticipated (turns out I have some form of life after all), and I often post two or even three entries at once. For this I apologise profusely.

I also apologise in advance for further transgressions, because unless I lose my job and have masses of spare time, I can’t see the situation changing.

Thank you for forgiving me my past sloppiness and future slovenliness; you are a truly beautiful person, whoever you may be.

Yours in celebration of all things strange and often pointless,

Richard Sutherland, second-rate blog writer


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