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Mucho apologiso

16th Jul, 2012 | Posted by in Blog

Dear visitor,

Today is Get Out of the Doghouse Day, so I’m taking the opportunity to apologise to you personally.

Though I never made an actual promise, the idea was to write this blog every day; not have a couple of days off and post retrospectively, but to post each day’s entry moments after it had happened. That’s proved more difficult than anticipated (turns out I have some form of life after all), and I often post two or even three entries at once. For this I apologise profusely.

I also apologise in advance for further transgressions, because unless I lose my job and have masses of spare time, I can’t see the situation changing.

Thank you for forgiving me my past sloppiness and future slovenliness; you are a truly beautiful person, whoever you may be.

Yours in celebration of all things strange and often pointless,

Richard Sutherland, second-rate blog writer

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Rich Sutherland

Rich is a copywriter and social media manager who loves writing about random things in his spare time. Between weekly posts for Days of the Year, he can be found on his blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. He also writes short stories within 140 characters on his @tinyweefiction channel. If you see him in the street, make sure to wave (he's 6'4" with glasses, a beard and rockabilly hair - can't miss him).
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