I can’t speak for every week of the year, but this week I’m living the Astley way!

When I think of Richard Nixon, what immediately springs to mind is a jowly head in a jar saying “Aroo!” to Zap Brannigan. For those of you who like your history more factual and less Futurama-based, Monday 23rd September is Checkers Day, commemorating the then-Senator’s Checkers Speech, defending himself against charges of financial misconduct connected with a fund set up to cover his campaign expenses. Personally I prefer my kind of history; it has robots.

Tuesday 24th September or Punctuation Day is when you need to really remember to use your commas and semicolons because they help break up a sentence apostrophes because its really annoying when theyre not used for contractions and a full stop or period at the end of the sentence to show that youve finished talking

There’s a cool combination of celebrations on Wednesday 25th September: Comic Book Day and One-Hit Wonder Day. My personal recommendations would be Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone‘, which is available as a whopping 1,300-page single volume, and Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up‘. Each of them is an absolute classic in its own very distinct way.

Don’t know who Johnny Appleseed was? In this day and age of digital information there’s no excuse to not immediately find out for yourself! Once you’ve done that, pay tribute to the great man by planting a few seeds, be it in your garden or on your travels – the perfect way to spend Thursday 26th September, AKA Johnny Appleseed Day.

Is there a vegetarian tourist around that I can hug? Friday 26th September is Hug a Vegetarian Day, Tourism Day and, as you may have guessed, Ask A Stupid Question Day. That’ll keep you busy.

Are you friends with the people who live next door or across the street? Would you lend them your lawnmower or spare them a cup of sugar? Saturday 27th September is Good Neighbor Day, an opportunity to take a leaf out of our grandparents’ books and get to know those who are closest to us, spatially speaking.

Your heart is your best friend, so treat it well. Heart Day on Sunday 28th September encourages us to do everything we can to improve our health and continue to do so long-term, from being more active to quitting smoking. However, it’s also Coffee Day, so you can allow yourself a cup or two; just be careful of your caffeine intake – though it can be good for the thinker, it’s not so good for the ticker.

Thanks for reading. Now go seize the day!


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