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Don’t you hate sitting in the drive-thru while you watch the precious minutes of your lunch break tick away? How about the struggle that is losing weight while looking at the dollar menu options at your local McDonald’s? Watching your money dwindle away as you shove dollar after dollar into the vending machine at work because you don’t have time to pick up lunch?
Pack Your Lunch Day is your opportunity to start relaxing on your lunch, eat healthier, and save yourself a huge amount of money.

How can packing my own lunch do all that?

When you’re packing your own lunch, you get the opportunity to make some real decisions about your lunchtime habits. Far too often we have to pick from what’s in front of us when we head to a restaurant, and we rarely get the choice of which one we want to visit when it’s a lunchtime stop-over.

It all comes down to what’s close enough to work we can pop over and zip through the line in time. Worse still, if your lunch falls during one of the rush periods of the day, you may also feel rushed to make a selection and get back to the office. When you pack your own lunch, you know what you eat for lunch that day is exactly what you wanted to see you through the day.

Even better, you can make selections for your lunch that will fill you up, but also can boost your energy to see you through the day. Burgers are heavy, and so are the shells that tacos and burritos come in, the first one will kill you through a lump of meat in your stomach, and the second one from carb overload. Either way, you’re out for the count for the rest of the day. When you pack dried fruits and nuts and other healthful options, you can avoid that infamous after lunch crash.

But healthy food is expensive!

Not nearly as expensive as buying prepackaged food or things from a drive-thru. Overall the cost of food preparation is much reduced at home, and it doesn’t take very long to whip together a lunch if you plan it. Heck, you can even combine it and pack leftovers from the night before to minimize the amount of time you have to spend packing it, while maximizing the amount of time you can spend make it.

Also, consider that your health is a hidden expense in most people’s lives. Every meal you eat affects your health, and it leads to complications down the line that can be extremely costly, and shorten your life. If that isn’t reason enough to celebrate Pack Your Lunch Day, we don’t know what it is.