The written word is a thing that our world doesn’t see enough of these days. The care and time taken to transcribe our thoughts and intentions onto the page is something that has always held a special place in our hearts.

While an email may live in the digital world for eternity, there is something about the special twist of a letter that is unique to the individual, the smell of the paper and the choice of that very thing comes together to tell us more about someone who may no longer be with us that pixels never could.

World Stationery Day may seem like just another marketing day, one more way to remind you that there’s another product out there that needs buying, but it can be so much more. It’s actually a reminder that there’s a way to show someone you care, to make a special impact on that important client, or to leave a small piece of yourself behind for those who follow.

It’s just paper? What’s the big deal?

The first thing to say here is that it isn’t just paper. It’s a piece of art that represents your personality, it’s a sign of time and consideration spent selecting just the right mix of texture, color, and image to show who you are.

Stationery has been used to show others that they’re worth that extra bit of time. Spritzed with perfume or cologne it can serve to represent us using one of the most powerful senses we possess. The doodles in the corner, the heart used to dot the i, and the loop on the g’s and q’s that show our conservativeness or the flair of our big personality.

There are so many types of stationery out there that there is literally something for everyone. From professional documents bearing our watermark, to caricatures of holidays and our favorite animals, character from a novel, or just a lonely landscape showing the emptiness our lives bear without the recipient at our side. It’s truly a palette for the artist that is the writer, and for the space of a page, a post-it, or a card, we can embody all that we are.

That’s a lot for a simple piece of paper to bear, don’t you think?

It’s easy to forget that communicating in the word used to require us putting pen to page. The first books were penned by scribes hunched over bits of vellum by candlelight, and showing your regard for someone in the Victorian age was often shown with a specially designed calling card. On World Stationery Day, you can reach out and find that special design that represents just you, and share it with those you love most, or at least hold in high regard.

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