Some of the occasions in the Days Of The Year calendar are just lovely. As with every other event that we list, Say Something Nice Day is a legitimate celebration, taking place on 1st June and created by the Mayors of North Charleston and Charleston in the USA, who decided that we should put aside a day to be particularly nice to those who are special to our lives. It’s also a time to celebrate people whose careers help us on a daily basis, such as bus drivers, healthcare workers and teachers. In tribute, I wrote this little ditty.

Hello, Mr Postman.

Good morning, Mrs Nurse.

If it wasn’t for your sterling work

I’d have no mail and be in a hearse.

Greetings, Miss Greengrocer.

Howdy, Professor Maths.

Without your help I’d get scurvy

and mess up my numerical paths.

Oh isn’t it super lovely, 

isn’t it just grand,

that people spend their entire lives

saving ours and lending a hand.

It’s absolutely awesome,

it really is the best,

for if these people disappeared

our skills would be put to the test.


Engineers build bridges,

fire crews put out fires,

pilots transport us overseas

and sparkies sort out wires.

Magicians create wonder,

poets turn things deep, 

artists move, anger, confuse,

and singers make us smile and weep. 

Gardeners plant clematis,

and farmers milk the cows,

decorators transform houses

whilst vicars help us exchange vows.

Store clerks answer questions,

teachers deliver classes,

gym instructors motivate

and dominatrixes spank our asses. 


So thank everyone you see today,

tell them that they’re the best,

give them a hug, wink or high five

and let them know that you feel blessed.

For there’s one thing that we’re sure of

and let us all conclude,

that take away these people,

and we’d be truly screwed.


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