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The Treasure in the Kernel: Popcorn Day celebrates that most beloved treat!

12th Jan, 2016 | Posted by in Blog
The Treasure in the Kernel:  Popcorn Day celebrates that most beloved treat!

Popcorn, oh delicious popcorn! Staple of movie nights the world over, this delicious treat has its own special holiday, and it’s Popcorn Day! There’s something about the rich buttery smell that brings about memories of family nights around the TV, furtive glances and nervous handholding on first dates, and those special moments when you discover your new favorite movie within the dark recesses of a favored theater.
With a history going back to the colonization of the Americas, popcorn first became industrialized in the 19th century due to the inventive struggles of one Charles Cretors. With an indefinite shelf-life, popcorn had been considered one of the fallback treats of poor times and long winters.

The History of the Popped Corn
While corn cultivation has gone back over 9000 years, this wild grass has long since been bred through careful selection into multiple types of corn, ranging the entire range of colors of the rainbow, and for purposes from corn meal to everyone’s favorite.. Popcorn.
During the Great Depression Era of the Americas, popcorn was sold for the relatively cheap rate of 5-10c a bag, and was immensely popular as a result. With the start of World War II, the rationing of sugar resulted in a rapid drop-off of the most popular candies, and popcorn quickly rose to take its place.
There’s little surprise this took place either, alone popcorn has a light and delicious flavor containing all the health benefits of cooked corn, and with a little inventiveness there’s almost no flavor that doesn’t go perfectly with this airy treat.
The rate of consumption tripled, and flavors of every variety started coming out of the woodwork. While caramel popcorn and kettle corn would have to wait until sugar rationing was released, flavors such as cheese flavored and the most popular butter and salt flavors reigned supreme.
Thanks to the inexpensive nature of corn, it became the foundation of concession stands everywhere, from the local theater on down to the travelling carnivals that would occasionally roll through town. Popcorn was everywhere, and everyone loved it.

Celebrating Popcorn Day
Celebrating Popcorn Day is as easy as popped corn. You can make it simple and just have a movie night where you pop up a big old bag of corn in the microwave, or you can go all out with creativity. Have your friends and family come over and bring their favorite variety of popcorn to share with everyone.

Among these you may find the popcorn ball, staple of Halloween’s past, Caramel corn, Kettle corn with its sweet and salty flavor, or just about any other flavor you can imagine. Popcorn Day is the perfect time to stretch your creativity and bring a new twist to this fantastic treat. What’s your favorite?