To quote today’s page, ‘Marzipan Day‘ is all about exploring as an ingredient and getting creative. See what you can make!’ So, in order to write something vaguely interesting for the blog post, I decided to get very creative and mix marzipan that I’d peeled off a Battenberg cake into… I daren’t say it but I have to… a fry up.

My reasoning was that eggs can sometimes be sweetened, such as in the case of French toast, but experimentation proves that marzipan is going just that little bit too far. Bacon, meanwhile, ends up with gluttonous lumps all over it, which reminded me of a health warning poster I once saw for serious sunburn. And as for the tomato, let’s just say it no longer counted as one of my five-a-day.

The overall outcome was an unpleasantly saccharine, greasy mess that was slightly charred in some places whilst revoltingly soggy in others. Also included were a couple of sausages that I’d attempted to batter but they just turned all… ugh, hang on, they’re repeating on me a little… back in a minute…

Sorry about that, false alarm. Anyway, today I have learnt two things:

1)   A Full English loses all appeal when halfheartedly mixed with reprocessed almond paste covered in pink crumbs.

2)   When DOTY suggests that I be creative, moderation is key.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have mouthwash to gargle; at least it’ll give me something to do whilst chiselling the frying pan.


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