With double occasions almost becoming old hat due to their frequency, today sees three occasions in one go, and they’re all really nice ones. 

Doughnut Day, Leave The Office Early Day and Go Barefoot Day all celebrate the joys of life: delicious food, more free time, and walking around like a carefree hippie. And guess what – one of our directors at work bought us all doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (without initially realising the aptness of this kind gesture), and another let us all leave the office early to go to the pub!

I didn’t go barefoot though; I left that for when I arrived home after a night of drinking, dancing and generally making a fool of myself. Boy, was that appreciated – there was a heat haze above my toes for about three hours and the socks crawled away to find a nice cool corner in which to doze. Mmm, indulgence.

(Pictured is eskimosoup Account Director Rich Quelch modelling this season’s hottest doughnut.)


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