Today is Oceans Day, which opens up numerous possible topics on which to focus, such as fishing, cruises, maritime history, marine biology, the water cycle and even Pirates of the Caribbean. However, one of the facts that the information for this day gives is that “scientists believe over 9 million species are yet to be discovered in the deep blue depths”. Imagine that!

Imagine not only knowing that there are new species to discover, but being able to give a rough figure to it, and such a massive one at that! Nine million. Nine… million… Sheesh.

Nine million what? Fish? Whales? Anemones? A type of sponge that eats sharks? Probably all of the above I guess, but it’s still incredible to think that there are that many species in the oceans in the first place, never mind that many that we don’t even know about.

On top of that, today is also Upsy Daisy Day, promoting positivity and the act of being all smiley and lovely. Luckily I’m the type of person who laughs at his own jokes, so no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I’m always chuckling away to myself because there’s constantly something funny going round my head.

Some people find this deeply unsettling and even consider me potentially dangerous, but to them I just give the double thumbs-up, pull the biggest grin I can, and then chase them down the street shouting “I just want a cuddle!”  Next time I might even chase them into an ocean and tell them they can’t come back out until they’ve discovered a few new species – that’ll teach them to appreciate happiness.


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