I had so many opportunities to indulge in a hot dog on Hot Dog Day

Today saw Hull city centre fill with a celebration of flavour in the form of the Yum Food Festival, and hot dogs were definitely on the menu. Meanwhile, around the corner, a few Vikings were on hand to teach the public about history, and I’m sure there will have been a hot dog van nearby because they never miss a trick. And finally, over in West Park, people from all walks of life came together to show their true colours as part of Hull Pride, and there will definitely have been hot dogs there too.

But what did I do during all of these festivities? I slept in, had a fry up for breakfast/lunch, popped to the shops, had a tuna baguette and chips for dinner, watched Family Guy, and finally had a bowl of All Bran for supper.

So I’m sorry, Mr. Hot Dog, for not munching on your quasi-meaty goodness today, but I promise I’ll eat one of your pigeon feet cylinders in a greasy roll as soon as is humanly possible.


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