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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, but I’ve been gone an hour by then.


We all know that feeling, we’ve been slogging away the whole day and 5 o’clock is bearing down hard, but it’s still an hour away. Work begins to grind to a halt as you listen to the steady, doomsday-like sound of the clock ticking, signaling an end to perdition and a beginning of paradise that never seems to come. 4 pm Finish Day asks that all-important question, “Why Wait?”. When 4 pm Finish Day rolls around, it’s time to set your sails early and abandon ship at the 4 o’clock hour. Who needs to wait for 5 o’clock anyway?

History of 4pm Finish Day

It all started when Red Bull decided that everyone needed to have little extra time off during the day, and so on one particular Friday, they decided it was time to let folks go an hour early. Throughout the day the emphasized methods that their employees could use to increase their productivity and finish out their work day without leaving anything unfinished. With 4 pm Finish Day they wanted to emphasize two things, the first being that everyone works incredibly hard, puts in extra hours and deserves a break at the weekend. The other is that increased productivity can mean fewer hours put in at the end of the day.

So when 4 pm Finish Day rolls around set yourself up with a plan for how to approach the day to come, meet your productivity goals and don’t let anything slip. It may sound daunting, but with enough effort and a dedication to meeting your goals, you’ll be able to boost out the door at 4 pm without leaving anything undone. Even if you don’t, it’s 4 pm, and that means it’s time not to be there anymore, so head on home!

How to Celebrate 4pm Finish Day

It all starts with a little planning, an objective that lets you start your day productively and end your day with a clear mind and calendar. Communicate with your boss and see if it can be arranged to let everyone off an hour early on 4 pm Finish Day, or if you can arrange a plan to reward those who hit their goals for the day by letting them leave early. Maybe you work a production or service job, and it’s a matter of shutting down the business for the day? Whatever the case, don’t let them make you stay past 4 pm on 4 pm Finish Day!

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