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Raspberries, with their vibrant color and sweet taste, are a favorite fruit for many. But for some, they symbolize something far more significant. Raspberry Day, is dedicated to raising awareness about a neurological condition known as cavernoma.

History of Raspberry Day

The inception of Raspberry Day is a testament to the power of collective action and the importance of raising awareness about rare neurological disorders. The day was initiated by The Cavernoma Society, a UK-based organization that provides support and information to individuals affected by cavernoma. The society was chosen by The European Federation of Neurological Alliances (EFNA) as one of its #BrainLifeGoals project winners in July 2019, leading to the establishment of Raspberry Day.

Cavernomas are lesions in the brain or spine made up of abnormal blood vessels. They can cause stroke and epilepsy when they become ‘active’ and bleed into surrounding brain and spinal tissue. It’s estimated that about 1 in every 600 people in the UK has a cavernoma, often without even knowing they have it.

The name Raspberry Day was chosen because cavernomas resemble raspberries. This visual similarity provides a memorable way to raise awareness about the condition. The day serves as a reminder of the importance of research, understanding, and support for those living with cavernoma.

How to Celebrate Raspberry Day

Celebrating Raspberry Day is all about spreading awareness and understanding of cavernoma. Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Join the #RaspberrySquad: The Cavernoma Society encourages everyone to become part of the #RaspberrySquad. By joining, you can help spread awareness about cavernoma and the importance of Raspberry Day. You’ll be part of a community dedicated to supporting those affected by cavernoma and advocating for further research and understanding of the condition.
  • Hold a Raspberry-Themed Event: Consider hosting a raspberry-themed event to raise awareness. This could be anything from a bake sale featuring raspberry treats to a non-uniform day at a local school with a raspberry color theme. Such events not only raise awareness but also foster community spirit and solidarity.
  • Share Your Story: If you or someone you know has been affected by cavernoma, sharing your story can help others understand the condition better. Personal experiences can be powerful tools for raising awareness. They put a human face to the condition and can inspire others to join the cause.
  • Use Social Media: Social media is a powerful tool for spreading awareness. Use the hashtag #RaspberrySquad on social media to show your support for Raspberry Day. You can also use a special Facebook frame provided by The Cavernoma Society to further spread the word.
  • Educate Yourself and Others: Knowledge is power. Learn more about cavernoma and share this knowledge with others. The more people know about this condition, the more support there will be for those affected by it. Education is a crucial step in breaking down misconceptions and fostering understanding.

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