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Every January 25th
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Thomas & Ruth Roy

As I write these words, surrounded by yelling children and a bad-tempered spouse with a headache, I can heartily attest to Virginia Woolf’s assertion that in order to write successfully, one needs a room of one’s own. Woolf’s 1928 essay ‘A Room of One’s Own’ was surely the inspiration behind A Room Of One’s Own Day.

While the essay itself was focused on the subject of women’s access to education, in these more enlightened times we can probably relax the rules a little and make it a day purely for ourselves.

Planning is essential. You’ll need some good books (possibly by Virginia Woolf), some good music, and probably cake. In fact, cake is almost certainly a necessity. A drop or two of your favourite wine, perhaps. Then, batten down the hatches and take some time out to celebrate yourself, in a room of your own.

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