1942 proved a fortuitous year for transatlantic travellers wearied by the cold and damp conditions of an Irish winter. Thanks to the innovative imagination of bartender Joe Sheridan, they were soon to have their cockles delightfully warmed by an almost decadent blend of fine Irish whiskey with the irresistible taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Combined with the subtle sweetness of brown sugar and sipped through the luxurious density of whipped cream, it was a recipe that would become a global hit that needed no specific weather conditions to be enjoyed.

Irish Coffee Day will be celebrated worldwide by the millions of discerning diners who have rounded off countless meals with this enticing and aromatic blend of beverages. Its advent will be just as enthusiastically commemorated by the millions more who need no special occasion to mark the unique marriage of two of the most appreciated tastes ever concocted.

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