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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® takes a special place in our calendars as a day dedicated to uplifting the spirits of young people.

This unique celebration, which takes place every third Thursday in March, encourages adults to express their admiration and support for the kids in their lives. Whether through letters, spoken words, or digital messages, the essence is to communicate to kids just how amazing they are.

Founded in 1997 by Camp Fire, this day has since been a beacon of encouragement and hope. It aims to boost young individuals’ self-esteem and reinforce the positive impact of adult affirmation in their lives​​​​​​.

The idea behind Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is rooted in the powerful impact that words of encouragement and love can have on a child’s life.

Recognizing a child’s worth and potential not only brightens their day but also contributes to their long-term development.

This initiative underscores the significance of acknowledging the incredible qualities of young individuals. It’s a reminder for adults to pause and express the importance of the children and teens in their lives, reinforcing the critical role positive reinforcement plays in youth development​​​​.

The trademark of Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® symbolizes Camp Fire and its partners’ commitment to a national movement of positivity and encouragement toward youth. It’s an invitation extended to everyone, regardless of whether they have children of their own, to participate in a collective effort to inspire and uplift the next generation.

This day has achieved remarkable reach, impacting millions over the years. It continues to grow as more individuals and organizations join the cause.

By becoming a part of this celebration, you contribute to a nationwide wave of kindness, ensuring every child receives a message of love, support, and acknowledgment of their incredible selves​​​​.

History of Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® started with a heartfelt mission by Camp Fire in 1997. This day, marked every third Thursday in March, was created to encourage adults everywhere to communicate their love, encouragement, and support to the children in their lives.

It’s a reminder to adults to pause and express how important and incredible kids are.

Camp Fire, a national youth development organization, launched this day to strengthen the essential bond between adults and children through positive reinforcement and communication.

The idea is that something as simple as a letter can carry significant emotional value for a child, providing encouragement and a tangible token of love that they can hold onto for years.

This initiative has not only continued but grown, inspiring adults to use various mediums—from handwritten letters to digital messages—to express their admiration and support for young people.

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® serves as a call to action for adults to make an effort, however small, to ensure every child feels valued, seen, and supported.

This tradition underscores the power of words and the impact they can have on a child’s self-esteem, decisions, and overall success.

Camp Fire promotes this day with the hope of inspiring leadership and self-discovery in young people, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and celebrating their unique qualities and potential​​​​​​​​.

How to Celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® calls for fun, laughter, and a whole lot of quirky celebrations. Here are some playful ways to make the day unforgettable for your incredible kiddo!

Craft a Love Bomb

Nothing says, “You’re amazing!” like a room filled with heart-shaped notes. Dive into a treasure trove of craft supplies and decorate each heart with reasons why your kid rocks. Sneak them into lunch boxes or backpacks or plaster their doors; it’s all fair in love and war​​.

Jam Out to Their Tunes

Is your living room the next big concert venue? Yes, it is! Crank up your child’s favorite tunes and let loose. Whether it’s the soundtrack to their favorite movie or a playlist of top hits, nothing beats a family dance-off​​.

Culinary Adventures

Who’s the best chef in town? Your kid, of course! Whip up their favorite meal together or explore new recipes. If they’re curious about cooking, there are fun, kid-friendly cooking classes online that turn kitchen time into an adventure​​.

Movie Marathon, Anyone?

Pick out your kiddo’s top movie picks – animated, superhero, or fantasy – and settle in for a cozy movie marathon. Extra points for homemade popcorn and a fort made of blankets and pillows​​.

Breakfast Extravaganza

Kickstart the day with a breakfast fit for a champion. Pancakes, eggs, or their favorite cereal – make it together and make it special. A fantastic breakfast sets the tone for a day of celebration​​.

Creative Craft Time

Unleash your inner artist and tackle a new craft project. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together and let your child’s creativity soar. Whether it’s painting, sculpting, or a DIY kit, the world is your canvas​​.

A Picnic Adventure

Pack a basket, grab a blanket, and head to the nearest park for a picnic. Fresh air, a bit of sunshine, and delicious snacks make for perfect moments of bonding and fun​​.

Storytime Extravaganza

Cuddle up with a stack of books and dive into storytime. Choose their favorites or explore new stories together. It’s a magical way to travel the world without leaving your cozy nook.​​

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